Reservation of observations

  • Please log in with your username and password
  • Afterwards you will be able to see the booking form and a calendar, showing the occupancy
  • In the Name field please state the name of your group and the scheduled observations (e.g. alpha - N1)
  • Please be aware that on Saturday and Sunday there is usually no supervisor on site and that therefore no labcourse observations are possible
  • Be mindful of warm clothes (see also distributed checklist)
  • Meeting point:
    • in front of the elevator, if you are already in the building
    • in front of the side entrance (south), if the building is locked
  • In the case of last-minute scheduling difficulties please let the respective supervisor know at least 2 hours in advanced either by phone (see address list) or in person (NOT per email oder SMS)

For the C2 observation (limb darkening of the Sun) it is not necessarily required to enroll in the wiki. If it is sunny just come to our offices, write a email, or give us a call.

Number of not utilizes nights during the semester: 0


Record SoSe2015: 11 nights (thereof 3 photometric)

The laboratory computer is intended for the data reduction in the course of our astrophysical laboratory courses. For the data analysis at the laboratory computer (room 2.009) please enrol via email. Already enrolled are:


No registration is necessary for the work on the laboratory computer via SSH. For the password just ask one of the supervisors. Detailed descriptions of the various possibilities for the login can be found here.

Laboratory course computer:

Observation preparation:

Observation evaluation:

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