OST - Basics

Type Corrected Dall-Kirkham (CDK)
Diameter 508 mm
Central obstruction 198 mm
Focal length 3454 mm
Focal ratio f/6.8
Spacial resolution 0.3''
Image field 52 mm
Mirror substrate Fused Silica
Length of the tube 1194 mm
Back focus distance 147 mm (behind the focuser)
Weight 64 kg
OST 2.0: The CDK20 from Planewave with the QHY600M and Sti


The mounting consists of 2 perpendicular axes:

  • right ascension (1)
  • declination (2).

The right ascension axis is parallel to the Earth axis, pointing towards the northern/southern celestial pole on the northern/southern hemisphere, respectively. The declination axis points towards the celestial equator. The setup is described in a dedicated article.

Manufacturer 10 MICRON
Model GM 4000 QCI
Type German equatorial mount

Degree, minutes, seconds Decimal degrees Degree, decimal minutes
Latitude 52° 24' 33,0624″ N 52.409184 52° 24.55104 N
Longitude 12° 58' 23,4666″ E 12.973185 12° 58.39111 O
Altitude 39 m $\pm$ 5 m

Introductions to the general handling of the technology and to the usage of Maxim DL are of course also available.

The dome is made out of fibre-reinforced plastic (FRP). It was built and set up by Baader-Planetarium. The dome automatically follows the movement of the telescope. However, the azimuth, the hatch, and the shutter can be manually controlled by an infrared remote control.

Diameter 5.2 m
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