Spectrographical observations are taken out with the DADOS or the BACHES spectrograph, both manufactured by Baader Planetarium.

The DADOS spectrograph

Our DADOS spectrograph

The basic data are partly taken from the Baader webpage.

Grating Dispersion at 550nm Spectral resolution $\frac{\lambda}{\Delta\lambda}$ at 550nm with the 3 slit widths Covered Spectral range in nm
Line/mm nm/mm nm/9µm Pixel 25µm 35µm 50µm ST-7 ST-8 STF-8300
200 47,61 0,428 543 388 272 328 656 855
900 12,67 0,114 3818 2727 1909 87 174 227

Representative spectra that where taken with our DADOS spectrograph can be found here.

A User's Guide, next to other helpful documents, can be found here.

The BACHES echelle spectrograph

Our new BACHES spectrograph

The new echelle spectrograph from Baader Panetarium, which has been developed by the Max-Planck-Institut for extraterrestrial physics, has the following properties:

  • Resolution: $R = \frac{\lambda}{\Delta \lambda} = 14,000-20,000$
  • Wavelength range: $\lambda$ = 400-700 nm (without gaps)
  • maximum efficiency: 31%

The Baader Product Page provides helpfull documents like the manual or the calibration instructions.

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