Software recommendation

There's a lot of software that can be used for astrophysics and the laboratory courses. Here we list some recommendations that proofed to be useful at some point.

The analysis of data is the main goal in the laboratory courses, some of which are described/linked below.



A minimal installation of the basic Latex packages: MikTex

The large installation (Caution! It can take >30min to install everything.): TexLive


For Linux we also have TexLive. The following packages are required:

texlive texlive-lang-german texlive-doc-de texlive-latex-extra

Our single reflex mirror camera (Cannon 700D) supports remote control via tethered shooting on a laptop. For this purpose one needs the following driver package


and a controll software:

Entangle, recommended

Darktable, (too) high number of functions


Object visibility

There are many Apps in the stores, even though most are not very useful for study purposes. A small selection is listed below. (Some might be in German.)

Sky Map

SkEye Planetarium

Stellarium mobile

Free version: GooglePlay
Paid plus version: GooglePlay

Astro Panel

Phases of the moon

P.M. Planetarium (needs payment)

For the data reduction a linux work station is provided. For the remote login on this machine from a Windows computer one of the following software options is required :

  • PuTTY (the SSH client) in combination with Xming(the X window server)
  • a virtual machines that run some Linuxversion
  • or one of the several other SSH client for Windows

We also have a guide on how to use these software solutions to get access to our workstation.

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