Organizational Matters - Winter Semester 2023

This article documents all agreements, arrangements, talks, etc. within the scope of the astrophysical laboratory course.

Date Talk Vortragender/Speaker
07.11 Galaxies - classification, properties, observing galaxies with OST Avital Sievers
14.11 Principles of optical telescopic observations - refractors & reflectors, magnification, aberrations. OST Hasan Alirzayev
21.11 Spectroscopy - different types of spectrographs and basic principles Henrik Wilksch
21.11 Photometry - stellar magnitudes, extinction, photometric bands, modern photometry Ashwin Vergis George
28.11 Spectroscopy with the OST: description of the observation, data reduction, and data analysis Percy Martinez Alvarado
28.11 Photometry with the OST: description of the observation, data reduction, and data analysis Samriddho  Ghosh
05.12 The Sun: structure, dynamo, and magnetic field. The solar observatory at the Einsteinturm Oliver Steppohn
05.12 The Sun: solar activity, solar cycle, solar spots, and Zeeman effect measurements Oliver Flor
12.12 Stars: spectral types and the HRD Martiño Balboa Costa
12.12 Stellar evolution and evolutionary tracks on the HRD and CMD Max Dobat
19.12 Binary stars and radial velocity measurements as a tool to determine stellar properties Julius Göhring
19.12 Principles of optical telescopes - coordinate systems, mounts, astroclimat. OST Aravind Nagesh
09.01 Variable and pulsating stars. Light-curves. Asteroseysmology Doruk Randol Gogus
09.01 Eclipsing binaries and other methods to determine stellar masses Prahladsinh Jadeja
16.01 Cepheids; Measuring distances to stars and galaxies - cosmic distance ladder Filip Novotný
16.01 Our Galaxy– The Milky Way Infant Ronald Reagan Johnson Amalraj
23.01 Solar System Planets and how to observe them with the OST Sonia Manivel
23.01 Exoplanets and the methods of their detection Karol Peters
30.01 The largest modern telescopes in space - HST, JWST, Gaia Yogesh Raam Shanthi Gurusamy
30.01 The largest modern telescopes and immediate future of ground-based astronomy Seha Lee

If you want to contact us, you can find our email address at prakt@astro.physik.uni-potsdam.de, since it allows to reach all instructors.

Name Room Mail Responsibilities
apl. Prof. Lidia Oskinova 2.135 lida organizing, talks, protocols
B. Sc. Moritz Itzerott 2.005 mitzerott talks, protocols, telescope support
B. Sc. Fabian Mattig 2.008 fmattig talks, protocols, telescope support
Rainer Hainich 2.009 rhainich technical support
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