GM4000 QCI: Hand terminal and operation system

Hand terminal to control

The most important function of the hand terminal is to move the telescope with the direction buttons

 N - S - E - W 

The N-S-buttons change the telescope's declination and the E-W-buttons change the right ascension. The speed of these changes can be altered by the buttons

 + and -

The current speed is shown on the display.

The hand terminal can be used to point the telescope at many objects that are stored in the mount's internal computer. Among those there are different astronomical catalogs, e.g. the Messier, NGC and IC, along with a list of stars and planets that can be reached by speed dial buttons on the hand terminal. For Messier catalog, e.g., can be chosen by pressing number 7. Afterwards, the specific object number must be given (e.g. 13 for M13) or use the “+”/“-” buttons to scroll through the catalog. Example: Messier Object 13:

 7(M) - 13 - ENTER

After pressing the ENTER button, some information about the selected object is displayed (type, brightness,…). ) The object must be confirmed by pressing ENTER again. Afterwards, the telescope will move to the object.

Setting date and time:

 MENU - Local Data - Clock - Date and Time

Move to or leave the park position:


 MENU - Alignment - Park


 MENU - Alignment - Unpark

Disable tracking:

 MENU - Drive - Follow Obj. -> uncheck


  • M - Messier
  • NGC - New General Catalogue
  • IC - Index Catalogue
  • PGC - Principal Galaxy Catalogue (Complete up to 16m)
  • UGC - Uppsala General Catalogue of galaxies


  • Name - Proper name of the star
  • Bayer - Greek letter and constellation
  • Flamsteed - Number and constellation
  • BSC=HR - Bright Star Catalogue = Harvard Revised
  • SAO - Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory catalogue
  • HIP - Hipparcos catalogue
  • HD - Henry Draper catalogue
  • PPM - Position and Proper Motions catalogue
  • ADS - Aitken's Double Star catalogue
  • GCVS - General Catalogue of Variable Stars
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