The de facto smallest member of the telescope family is our dedicated solar telescope.

Manufacturer Coronado
Series Solar Max II
Aperture 60mm
Focal length 400mm
f/Ratio 6.6
Bandwidth < 0.5 Å
Blocking filter BF10
Miscellaneous Richview tuning
Double Stacked
Sol Ranger Sun finder
The OSST comes in its own leather case in which it is safely stored. osst_koffer.jpg
Included are the tube with all necessary filters, components and a 1.25'' eyepiece. osst_koffer_offen.jpg
There is a dovetail mount on the bottom to mount it to the Celestron Advanced GT mount. osst_unterseite.jpg

Richtview tuning ring osst_external_etalon_rot_cut.jpg
External etalon
Tilt wheel
Sol Ranger Sun finder
Eyepiece osst_richview_lever.jpg
Blocking filter
Helical focuser
RichView Tuning System
Clamshell & Sol Ranger
Helical focuser osst_long_fokus.jpg
Blocking filter & Eyepiece

The basic assembly is described in the article on the Advanced GT.

The operation of the Advanced GT as well as features like hibernation do not differ from the CGE-Pro and can be found in the corresponding article on the CGE-Pro.

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